A well-maintained garden is like a mirror to your personality. Often, these unobvious aspects go a long way in defining your nature and the ambience that surrounds your home. It is best to get an expert like Instant Gardens, or you can read more about gardening at www.gardeningknowhow.com.

In order to create friendly and beautiful gardens, here are few ideas that can be implemented.

Watch those steps- If you plan to include outdoor steps in your garden, they must ascend gently. Steps that have a height of more than 6 inches or less are considered comfortable. In case the garden stairs are more than 10 steps, include a landing after every fifth step.

Do some math- If you want a good garden, skip the math part. However, if you like to spend your time amidst nature and you want a fabulous garden, you should consider doing this math yourself. The depth of each step, when combined with height, should come up to 26 inches. This means if the steps have a 6-inch depth, a run of 14 inches is considered ideal.

Leave room for elbow space- If you host outdoor parties and barbeque nights, you must pay extra attention to the garden. You must have sufficient space to include chairs and tables and a space of 3-foot surrounding the furniture for easy movement.

Watch your head- A flowery archway is indeed beautiful and captivating. If you have climbers and flowers growing over an archway, leave a minimum of 7 feet space for the headway. It is always better to be safe and avoid bumping your head onto a creeper or a branch of rose. All the posts that are meant for arches must be positioned at a convenient distance from the pathway with plenty of room for movement.

Choose your plants with care- A garden is more than just flowers. Experiment with style and use foliage and other bark for a variety of form, color and pattern. Spring is a good time for flowers while autumn sees the fruit-bearing winterberries. Do a thorough research and choose plants that offer a wide range of ornamental features. This can go a long way in increasing the garden’s seasonal appeal.

Lose yourself in the comfort zone- A garden is the most interesting of places. Create your own comfort space by making use of ornamental grasses for privacy; a tall shrub that can serve as an oasis for those hot afternoons and conifers that protect your lawn from the harsh winds. If you feel there is no place left for growing a tree, you can take a look at some of the small ornamental trees available in the market.

Keep the driveway clean- When you plant shrubs or build a fence, do a quick survey from inside your vehicle to see if there are any obstructions. You would not want to drive your car straight into a thorny bush or a branch hanging overhead. It is also a good idea to see that your plants do not hinder views on your neighbor’s driveway.

Keep the neighbor in mind- Your neighbor might not share the same views or preferences for gardening as you do. Consult with them before you plant to relocate a tree, or you are planning to construct an archway in your lawn. It should not come in the way of other’s best view, and your landscape can have a great impact on them. You are not the only person who will enjoy the scenic blooms every day.

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